What Retro PUREing is:

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How it works:

1. Decide which clubs you want to send us and gain distance and accuracy (Hint: we think all of them). 

2. During the SST PURE process we will dissemble your golf club, analyze your shaft with the SST PURE machine and rebuild your club to its original spec unless you specify in the comments of wanting a spec changed (I.e swingweight, tipping, length). 

3. A NEW grip is included in the cost. In the Grip box on the Cart page, specify the manufacturer, model, color (if applicable), size and any custom tape preferences.

4. We will return your clubs in the PUREd position and you will receive an email showing how each shaft was rotated in the process. 

Things to know:

1. When you PURE a shaft the machine locates the most stable position to install the shaft.  The shaft label will most likely not be in the same position as before PUREing.  In all steel shafts you can ask us to take the sticker or silk screen off so the shaft has no label, but in graphite the logo cannot be changed and will be located wherever the machine found the optimal position of the shaft. 

2. When PUREing a shaft into an adjustable clubhead, please notate the position you will set the adapter so we can install the shaft after PUREing in the proper position for you.  If you do change the adapter setting the PURE will be off, but don’t worry you can send it to us and for just the cost of shipping we will reset the shaft in the PUREd position. 

3. Once a shaft is PUREd it will never become unPUREd, so don’t worry, you’re just on your way to lower scores for the lifetime of that club.

*Canceled or refunded orders are subject to a restocking fee.

First, thanks for the quick turnaround. I was skeptical about the whole pured golf shaft to be honest. I went to the range tonight and I was definitely hitting it longer. I usually carry my driver around 245. And all of my drives tonight passed 250 having the longest to be 262 in the air. But more importantly, it did appear to me that all of the misses are now one direction only as compare to missing both left and right before. I am about to order a new fairway wood and I will for sure order it with a pured shaft this time. Great job! Thanks so much!

SST PURE Customer

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$75 per club. Cost includes shipping and a new grip!
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